Football Federation Victoria

Football Federation Victoria is dedicated to changing our game.
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Football Federation Victoria is dedicated to changing our game by increasing the participation and leadership of women and girls.  To achieve this, we have a number of initiatives:

Engage and Empower by Connecting Ambassadors to Women and Girls:

Mandate Gender Balance:

  • This year FFV introduced a "gender scorecard" to our annual report.  This forms the basis of how we benchmark and drive growth in female participation.

Enhance Participation Choice:

Build an Enabling Environment through Education and Training:

  • Run a 'Female Friendly Clubs' program that speaks to clubs about how females participate at their club, what barriers and unconscious bias they might face, and how these can be overcome.
  • Run a Female Administrator Mentor Program (12 women).

Showcase the Pathways and Opportunities through Role Models: 

FFV has a deliberate policy that gender equality is promoted in our narrative (media, website, social media) and brand. For Female Football Week we created YouTube playlists showcasing (ten) female leaders including administrators, coaches and referees.


Ash Callaghan
Women and Girls’ Development Officer
acallaghan [at] ffv.org.au