Gymnastics Victoria

Gymnastics Victoria membership consists of 80% female participants.

Although the Gymnastics Victoria membership consists of 80% female participants and 86 of our 125 clubs are owned or managed by women, it’s still crucial to provide avenues for further involvement by women, not only for continued growth, but for the future of the sport. Gymnastics Victoria continues to build the opportunities for participation and leadership by:

  • Developing programs like Move My Way and Move for Life to give women who wouldn’t traditionally participate in physical activity pathways to participate
  • Developing non-traditional competition pathways to encourage teenage girls to continue participating in gymnastics
  • Holding two Club Conferences per year to educate and inspire current and future club leaders
  • Hosting the annual Women in Sport Breakfast, inspiring the Gymnastics and sporting communities through keynote speakers and positive female role models
  • Providing mentor opportunities through partnerships and group mentor sessions with the Gymnastics Victoria Business Leaders Groups
  • Continuing the development of the Junior Coaching Program
  • Continuing the development of the Youth Academy.





Alison Lyons
Senior Manager Gymnastics Development
E: alyons [at]
T: 03 9021 8481  M: 0423 530 989 F: 03 9214 6024