VicHealth’s work involves a focus on encouraging regular physical activity, including through participation in sport.

Our current work includes initiatives to get less active women and girls more active through participation in sport and raising the profile of women’s sport through our Changing The Game: Increasing Female Participation in Sport initiative. As part of this, we have undertaken research into female participation in sport and physical activity.

VicHealth has also previously partnered with a range of sports to work to create sporting environments which are welcoming and inclusive to increase participation of particular target groups, including women and girls through our State Sporting Association Participation Program and Healthy Sporting Environments program.

Gender is a key theme within VicHealth’s updated Action Agenda for Health Promotion and advancing gender equality in sport is key priority within our work in physical activity over 2016 to 2019.
Changing the Game: Increasing Female Participation in Sport initiative involves partnerships with six sporting codes to work with women and girls who don’t normally participate in traditional sports programs that are provided through clubs and competitions. The program aims to create more flexible and social products, and through partnering with state sporting codes VicHealth is also aiming to raise the profile of women’s sport.

Active Club Grants provides funding to community sport clubs, and includes a focus on increasing opportunities for women and girls to participate through community sport clubs.
State Sport Program involves working with State Sporting Associations to break down some of the common barriers to participation in traditional sporting activities. A number of sports are focussing on engaging women and girls as a target market to get more active.

Regional Sport Program involves working with the nine Regional Sports Assemblies and includes a focus on delivering new sport participation opportunities to encourage more people in regional Victoria to become more active through sport, including engaging women and girls.

Innovation Challenge: Sport helps sporting organisations in partnership with change-makers and innovators to test new ideas, concepts and innovations that tackle obstacles often blocking people from playing sport. The focus areas are: more flexible and fun sport, more places to play and offering sport for everyone.

Sport Participation Research Project is a collaboration between VicHealth, Sport and Recreation Victoria, Victoria University and Federation University. It aims to provide a reliable measure of sport participation in Victoria, including the ability to measure participation trends over time, to inform decision making and investments by sport sector organisations. Demographics of participants is a key focus, including gender, age and location.

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