Breaking the Ice

For the growing ice hockey community here in Victoria, developing opportunities to support the expansion of the women’s game at a domestic level has been a priority both on and off the ice.

The Melbourne Mustangs were founded in 2010 and are one of the two Victorian clubs competing in the Australian Ice Hockey League (AIHL). Whilst fielding a men’s team in the compeition, behind the scenes, the Mustangs has always had strong female leaders calling the shots. Over 40% of the clubs executive team are women including the CEO.

So it was no surprise that after several months of discussions with Victorian Women’s Ice Hockey League club, the Melbourne Chargers, that both clubs are going to 'team up'. The partnership ensuring greater support, resources and cohesion for the sport whilst working towards the shared goal to develop and enter a team in the Australian Women’s Ice Hockey League (AWIHL) within the next few years.

“By partnering with the Melbourne Chargers we're able to support the growth of Ice Hockey in Victoria, and develop more pathways for young women to play in the AWIHL” said Joyce Price, Melbourne Mustangs’ CEO.

Emma Poynton from the Melbourne Chargers welcomed the announcement,

“By leveraging the expertise that the Melbourne Mustangs have developed in terms of marketing, volunteer management, game day operations and membership management, we have the confidence that we can grow the Melbourne Chargers into a successful team with a great fan base.”

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