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The Office for Women in Sport and Recreation was created by the Victorian Government in response to the Inquiry into Women and Girls in Sport and Recreation.

It is the first Office of its kind in Australia and is supported by the biggest investment by any state government into facilities, participation, leadership opportunities, and professional and grassroots sport and active recreation for girls and women.

Our intention is to level the playing field for women and girls across all roles in sport and active recreation.

We aim to support and encourage women in leadership roles, ensuring they are not subject to unfair or unfavourable treatment because of their gender, sexuality, appearance, age or any other personal characteristics protected  by anti-discrimination law.

As the inaugural Head of the Office for Women in Sport and Recreation, I stand with Victorian Sport CEOs and Change Our Game Champions and say that as a collective, we do not support the vilification of or discrimination towards any CEO based on personal attributes that stand outside their professional conduct.

We stand with the Boards and Executives that lead our national and state sporting associations, and support the important role that CEOs – of all genders and backgrounds – play in this sector.

It is vital that Australian sport remains an important place to support diversity and inclusion and has no tolerance for discrimination.

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