"Enough is enough"


Change Our Game ambassador and Collingwood AFLW player Sharni Layton has slammed comments made by trolls over a photograph of Tayla Harris’ kicking action.

The outpouring of support for Harris came on Tuesday night in light of the disgusting comments made on social media over the iconic image taken by Michael Wilson. And Layton declared that “enough is enough” after what was said after the image of the Carlton AFLW star was posted online.

“I’m furious,” Layton told RSN Breakfast.

“I’m so proud of Tay as well for the way she has stood up, because there are not a lot of people that have the ovaries to stand up and do something like that when it could create something that continues to roll on.

“By standing up for yourself it proves what is right Tay and I think we are similar in a way that we are passionate people and so our supporters are always going to get behind us. I’m so glad first of all that you posted that to show how much great support there is, but enough is enough of this trolling.

Layton implored the trolls to “get a life” and asked social networks Facebook and Twitter to stand up and remove people from social media.

“I don’t care if it is a jetski or a car whatever their photo is. Get a life and who needs to stand up? Our Tay is standing up yes, but we need Twitter to stand up. Block these people, delete them off. Facebook delete them off,” Layton said.

“Cecilia McIntosh retired for us on the weekend, copped five and a half thousand comments on the Facebook page about why are we celebrating this player that is retiring. Why? Because she is an Olympian. Silver medallist at the Commonwealth Games, a winter Olympian. No that might not have been put on there, but let’s show these people respect.

Cecila McIntosh, image credit - Hostplus

“AFL, I am asking you to stand up and not stand for this anymore. If you find these people on Facebook, have a name and if they have a membership, revoke it. Because do you know what, standing up for something that is right is more important than any money that is coming into your business.

“I’m not standing for this anymore, I’m being really loud for this. Tay has been an absolute beautiful soul in here and being empowered and showing everyone what is right and speaking up for those people that don’t have the ability to speak up like we do in here. Enough is enough and you people out there that do it, it’s not good enough, go get a life, there’s so much more out there.”

The gold medal winning netballer declared she had been shocked after seeing the social media comments since crossing to AFLW over the last six months, after not seeing comments in the past throughout her netball career.

“I am 100 per cent am shocked about what I have seen so far. And I think that’s why I was probably a bit lighter on it when I came on here for the first time because I hadn’t been exposed to that yet and I was shocked,” she said.

“I hadn’t seen the ridicule that some of these female athletes had been getting but now that I’ve seen it with my own eyes and I’m more closer with the ladies and being able to share their stories with me, yeah I am [shocked]. They are doing their job and they are doing what they are amazing at doing.”

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