Insights from women who work in active recreation

As a board member at Yoga Australia, Robyn Lewis's entry into the discipline started during her first pregnancy.

“In developing my birth plan, I wanted a calm and natural birth, so I sought out a prenatal teacher. Learning yoga was a wonderful experience and the focus on my breath and preparation of my body really helped what might have been a difficult labour as my baby was born 9.6lbs (4.3kg).”

Fast forward 26 years and Robyn is now a leading figure with Yoga Australia, having served on the board for a number of years.

Following the birth of my first child, I continued to practice yoga, mainly in gym environments and it was an important physical practice to maintain my physical health and my well-being whilst raising my children, working and playing sports.”

Before her introduction to yoga, Robyn had played and coached netball at the state level. Having such a strong sporting background, it was a natural progression for her to move from a participant into a leadership role, first as an instructor and then as a board member.

“In 2009 I went on a yoga retreat and was introduced to deeper elements of yoga practice. I started my yoga teacher training in 2009 as I wanted to take yoga to people who needed it but had no access for a variety of reasons.”

Following many years of teaching, Robyn was asked to get involved with Yoga Australia, the national body for yoga professionals in the country.

“I was asked to get involved as a volunteer and was happy to do so as there was a need and I had specific skills I was willing to share. As part of my role, I assist in state activities, working groups and various sub-committees.”

Robyn’s contribution at board level has demonstrated the various opportunities for yoga enthusiasts should they wish to take on leadership roles.

“Yoga Australia represents best practice in developing leadership skills for both the paid and volunteer workforce's for both men and women.” Robyn said.

“All leaders within the Yoga Australia membership base are provided with the tools and experience to develop their individual and collective capabilities as leaders. By applying yogic principals of managing self and interacting with others with honesty, and integrity, our leaders thrive and develop skills that can be applied in business and at community level.” Robyn said.

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