Role model - Peggy O'Neal

At the forefront of changing the game has been Peggy O’Neal, a board member of the Richmond Football Club since 2005 and President since 2013 . In 2017 Peggy wrote the history books, becoming the first ever female President to win a premiership.

In 2014, Peggy was appointed as the chair for the advisory panel for the Inquiry into Women and Girls in Sport and Active Recreation. When she’s not consulting at law firm Lander & Rogers, Peggy also sits on the boards of several financial services enterprises as well as not-for-profit organisations.

“A lot has happened in a relatively short period of time when you consider that in August of 2014 the idea of an inquiry was first brought to me and from a standing start” Peggy said,

“…A few years later, here we are with what seems to be a great program going forward.”

When we consider the enormous task the Change Our Game initiative is designed to achieve - generating systemic change, especially in a government environment is not an easy thing to do but through some great policy and working with some really committed stakeholders, we are already starting a shift.

“Well it is. It was a commitment from the government to really make a difference in women and girls in sport and active recreation and without that, it couldn’t have gone ahead as quickly as it has and probably would not have happened at all.

“When the Inquiry started it was novel, no other state had really put that much effort into determining a future for women and girls in sport and active recreation and a real commitment to making a difference.”

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