She's on the Money: New Finance Course for Women in Sport

Applications for the Change Our Game Finance for Non-Financial Managers pilot are now open!

Women eager to progress their careers in sports management are set to benefit from a new pilot program delivered in partnership with Melbourne Business School (MBS).

Strong financial management skills are critical for securing and succeeding in senior leadership roles, including CEO positions. This training is specifically designed to support and empower women progressing in all sport management career paths to develop or strengthen these essential skills.

Up to ten women will be selected to take part in the highly sought-after MBS course which will cover accounting, budgeting, interpreting financial statements, risk assessment, and financial reporting specific to the sporting sector.

Head of the Office for Women in Sport and Recreation Sarah Styles said, “Not everyone has strong exposure to finance and accounting on their path to leadership and yet, it is a critical skill for anyone aspiring to executive, chief executive and governance roles.”

“That’s why we are trialing this new program to ensure women in sport and active recreation have every opportunity to secure and thrive in the leadership roles they are pursuing.”

Chief Financial Officer at Tennis Australia, Katrina Blair, reinforced the value of such a program saying, “The last couple of years have been really challenging, in particular, sports and entertainment organisations have been some of the hardest hit through reduced crowds and participation. Leaders need to equip themselves with the skills to help their organisations to navigate the post pandemic recovery.”

“Improving your understanding of the financial plans and reporting, data analysis and insights will help you take informed decisions and enable you to lead your organisation back to sustainable growth.”

For more information and to apply, click here.

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