Change our Game Ambassador: Lauren Foote

Lauren is the former captain of the Victorian Roller Derby League, who won the World Championship title in 2017. She also works as an exercise physiologist and an inclusion officer.

Lauren started skating in 2012, she first found her interest in Roller Derby after watching the movie ‘Whip It’. She then volunteered at the Victorian Roller Derby League Grand Final as a first aider and was instantly hooked on the sport.

Lauren wants to help young girls and women stay active and to step into leadership roles where they can be equally respected as their male-counterparts are.

"I'm really proud to be a Change Our Game Ambassador. To me it means that young girls have someone to look up to. When I was a kid you didn't really dream of being athlete as a woman because that wasn't a job title that was up for grabs."

Lauren encourages anyone who has been thinking about roller skating to give it a go.

“There are heaps of learn to skate programs available in Melbourne with a really welcoming community of diverse folks.”

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