Change our Game Ambassador: Stella Smith

Stella is the Chief Executive of Crime Stoppers Victoria. She is also a Director of Crime Stoppers Australia, VicHealth and Blue Light Victoria. Stella has held several leadership roles including her previous role as General Manager, Community and Government Relations at Melbourne Victory.

She has a long association with sport, in community sporting clubs and having worked for ‘Life. Be in it’ Australia where she spent close to 20 years in the area of health promotion and active recreation. She went on to form an ad agency with two of the former directors of Life. Be in it. working on government projects and community service campaigns. Stella embodies what it means to be a Change Our Game Ambassador, she is passionate about encouraging other women to step up, take on more leadership opportunities and not be afraid to give it a go.

"What I would really love to see for young girls coming through is that we don't have to talk about Change Our Game in the future that this actually changes our game, that what we are doing here today and what the government is doing across the board in Victoria is actually building that platform so that the 12-year-old who can have my job, in some years to come, gets there much more easily than I might have done." - Stella Smith

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