Change Our Game Scholarship Grants Program

The Change Our Game Scholarship Grants Program (the Program) supports women to access professional development opportunities to enhance their skills in sport and recreation leadership and management. Offered through the Victorian Government’s Office for Women in Sport and Recreation (OWSR), the Program offers grants of up to $10,000 to individuals and organisations.

The Program aims to:

- support women to undertake professional development opportunities that will enable them to take on paid or volunteer roles in the sport and active recreation sector

- provide education and training opportunities for state sporting associations and local government authorities

- support women to diversify their skills to adapt to workforce changes as a result of COVID-19.

ELIGIBILITY: Candidates for the Program are nominated by recognised state sporting associations (SSAs), state sport and recreation bodies, local government authorities and regional sports assemblies. Individuals cannot apply on their own. Please refer to Section 3 - Eligibility of the program guidelines for a full list of eligible applicants and candidates.

The Program will fund professional development activities that are aimed at enhancing skills in sport and recreation leadership and management. These activities may include, but are not limited to:

- organisational governance training

- working with boards and committees

- leadership skills and management training

- project or event management

- media and communications training

- sports administration training

- change or financial management.

Applications for this round of the Change Our Game Scholarship Grants have now closed.

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