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Change Our Game

It’s amazing how far Australian women in sport have come. But we’re still far from fair. Now is the time to change that.

The Victorian Government is committed to increasing the number of women and girls participating in sport and active recreation, from grassroots through to leadership roles.

In late 2015, the Inquiry into Women and Girls in Sport and Active Recreation presented nine recommendations to increase female leadership and participation. 

The Inquiry also outlined a way forward, helping change and improve sport and recreation for all involved.

The Victorian Government has accepted all nine recommendations.

The sport and recreation sector, state and local governments and other partners across Victoria are now actively working together to bring about this change. Having strong partners is key. ‘Change our Game’ is a rally cry to ignite an undeniable desire amongst women and men who want to see their sport and recreation activities prosper into the future.

Women and girls make up just over half of the Victorian population, and we know through academic graduation rates and other measures that women have skills, knowledge and experience that are equal to men. 

Yet the overwhelming finding of the Inquiry is that women are under-represented in leadership roles in the sport and active recreation sector.

Not tapping into that talent pool is inequitable and wasteful.

Change Our Game is changing that.

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Glam Slam Women’s Initiative regional session

20th Oct 2019
Traralgon Tennis Association

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