Gender Diversity on Victorian Sports Boards Survey

The Office for Women in Sport and Recreation (OWSR) has commissioned Deakin University to conduct research examining gender diversity on Victorian sport organisation boards, specifically the impact of the Victorian Government’s ‘Balancing the Boards Policy’.

The aim of this research is to provide insight regarding the impact and efficacy of the Policy, with a focus on barriers and facilitators of women’s meaningful engagement in board positions, and the impact of changes in board composition on board member experiences and on perceived board performance.

The researchers want to hear from CEOs, Chairs and Board Members of Victorian Sport organisations (SSAs, SSRBs and RSAs) who have had varying experiences, both positive and negative, in working towards achieving and maintaining gender balance on their boards.

We invite CEOs, Chairs and Board Members of Victorian sport organisations to participate in this research via a 10–15-minute survey. Please follow this SURVEY LINK where you will be provided with additional information about the research. Survey responses need to be submitted by Friday 30 June.

We also ask CEOs and Board Chairs to kindly share this survey link with members of their Board, to engage a wider set of perspectives to be captured.

Tuesday 13 June, 2023

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