Study reveals sports uniforms influence girls participation

The Victorian Government is encouraging sporting clubs and schools to consider the findings of a new study that highlights the importance of uniforms in making girls feel comfortable and more likely to participate in sport.

Minister for Community Sport Ros Spence today launched the study by Victoria University, which was supported by a $20,000 Change Our Game research grant.

The study examines the role that uniforms play in increasing the confidence of girls to participate in sport and physical activity.

The findings also provide valuable insights into adolescent girls’ views on what aspects of sport uniforms make them feel confident and comfortable to play sport.

More than 300 Victorian girls aged between 12 and 18 completed the study survey – the findings produced some consistent feedback regarding current sport uniform options and what types of clothing options they prefer.

The key characteristics identified were:

  • Uniforms that make girls feel ready for sport
  • Clothing that fits them well
  • Dark coloured shorts/skirts/pants
  • Uniforms made from appropriate materials
  • No unisex clothing
  • Options that do not make girls feel over-exposed.

The research highlights the type of sports uniforms available to girls when deciding to play sport is a critical factor when it comes to them feeling confident about being active.

To read a summary of the report:

Uniforms that encourage girls to play sport and be physically active (PDF)

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